The Compac is a newly patented and compact coin module counting and sorting 300 coins per minute. It is using the standard communication protocol (SDK protocol) from CTcoin and is a low cost, reliable, durable and above all, accurate coin counter module – specially designed for ATM, cash deposit, recycler, ticketing, self-service check-out and many other applications.

Handling up to 20 different coin denominations

The CTcoin sensor can handle up to 20 coin denominations differentiated by material or size:

  • Shows quantity per denomination, and value per denomination.
  • Total value.
  • Reject of counterfeit  and foreign coins (tested and approved for EURO by DG ECFIN).
  • RS 232 interface to CTcoin SDK protocol.
  • Technical data sheet Compac
The reasons for choosing Compac for your next project
  • Durable and reliable.
  • High speed, accuracy and security.
  • Sorting of up to 8 denominations.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Own calibration instead of template based.
Up to 300 coins per minute and sorts up to 8 denominations

With a coin speed of 230-300 cpm, it fills a gap in the market where there is a need for smaller accurate, durable and no-jam bulk coin counting and sorting.

The Compac comes as non-sorting, with 5 denomination passive sorting and 8 denomination passive sorting outlets.

Product applications are within ATM, cash deposit units, transport, parking, retail back and front office systems and self-service check-outs and many other applications.

Compac – Compact and flexible coin counting and sorting technology

Available for more than 50 currencies and based on factory/own calibrations and not locked to fixed templates.

With dimensions of, H: 144 mm, W: 201 mm, D: 158 mm, the Compac is the smallest professional coin counter OEM module in the market.

The Compac is patented under patent number PCT/DK2017/050341 and PCT/DK2018/050176