The coin hopper unit with coin bowl, pickup wheel, counting sensor and reject solenoid function also include the fully electronic and embedded real time software for coin recognition and handling up to 20 different denominations. Some units have a motor controlled cleaning system to clear and reject dirt and foreign objects. The value counting units put the mixed coins into one bag, or mixed coins into 6 bags (filling one bag after the other). The sorting units can sort up to 9 coins.

Optional features and functions
  • 4 x 20 character LCD display with backlight, display booster and cable.
  • Printer and print button.
  • Coin separating tubes (6 or 9 coins sorting or non-sorting) with bag holders (easy bagging).
  • Available for most currencies.
The CTcoin sensor can handle up to 20 coin denominations differentiated by material or size
  • Shows quantity per denomination, and value per denomination
  • Total value
  • Reject counterfeit coins (tested and approved for EURO).
  • Programmable bag stops for each denomination
  • RS 232 interface

The coin hopper unit is capable to pick up various combinations of coins, with a speed of up to 1100 coins / minute, by means of a coin wheel with 8 small and 1 larger pickup. The coin wheel has a set of 27 cleaning holes in 9 blocks of 3 to clean out simple dust from the coins before counting.

The sorting is generally a free flow diameter 5 / 6 / 9 rail sorting solution, with coin thickness separation as needed. In situations where two denominations are identical in diameter and thickness, a Track Sensor® is used for the separation. The sorting can be optionally extended by up to 5 multi bagging solenoids for customers who want to put a certain denomination into several bags. The rail has a detection mechanism for rail stop in order to enhance the overall performance of the coin sorting function. The non-sorting rail system enables up to 6 solenoid activated mixed coin bags.


The coin unit counts most known combinations of coin metal alloys within the limits:

  • Min / max diameter: 0.55″/14 mm  1.338″/34 mm
  • Min / max thickness: 0.035″/0.9 mm  0.159″/4 mm
How to decide on sorting or non-sorting

The first choice is to select a sorting or non-sorting unit. Sorting machines often need more supervision and cleaning than the non-sorting machines. This is mainly due to rail stops that can be caused by bent coins or excessive dirt on the coin rail.