In today’s marketplace Self-Service Coin Centers play an important role in Customer Service for both Financial Institutions and Retailers. Our philosophy for a successful Self-Service Coin Program is not all about speed and capacity.

It’s About Developing a Machine that Does Everything Well

Our Products are Purpose Built Following This Simple Philosophy:
Listen to the Customer

We focus on what our customers tell us is important to them:

The Features and Benefits are the Result of Our Design Thinking Approach to a Self-Service Coin Center

What’s Outside is Important to Your Customer

Simple One or Two Button Operation

Easy to read prompting display

What's Inside Really Counts

Easy Access - Just Open The Front Doors
Integrated Debris Removal Tray

Removes dirt, foreign objects and liquids before they enter the machine and drops them into a debris collection drawer below.

Pull Out Tray
Allows easy access to the entire Counting and Sorting Mechanism, no disassembly or removing of machine parts required.
Automatic Debris Ejection System

After counting is completed non-coin debris is automatically moved from the coin bowl to a debris collection drawer below.

Bag Management Section

Direct access to all bags at floor level for easy bag removal and minimizing lifting.

Shown are Mixed Output bags which fill to a preset weight level before switching to the next bag.

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850 Coin per Minute
Alloy Count Sensor Technology
2-Line Display
Touch Screen Display
6 Denomination Counting - 5 Sorting
6 Denomination Counting - 6 Sorting
6 Denomination Counting - Mixed Output
Reject Foreign Coins, Slugs, & Tokens
Exact Programmable Bag Stops
Number of Coin Bags549898
Dual & Tripple Bagging
Integrated Debris Removal Tray
Automatic Coin Bowl Debris Ejection
Rear Access
Approximate Dimensions24" W x 18" D36" W x 23" D34" W x 19" D
Line Drawingviewviewview